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Rolex Day-Date Replica
Swiss Made Rolex Day-Date Replica For Sale

Rolex Day-Date Replica says, "The idea to push a watch right up to the edge of weightlessness was only appealing as part of a comprehensive goal: making a timepiece for an elite athlete such as Rafael Nadal. Lightness was just one part of the equation. Shock-resistance, ergonomics and durability were all equally important. Many people ask me: "What is the use of a watch for Rafael Nadal when he plays?' Nadal told me that after winning the French Open, he used the watch to check the time during critical moments in the semi-final match. He wanted to check the time and the lighting conditions. If he played for more than a few sets, he would need to return the next day.

Rolex Day-Date Replica's achievement in providing Nadal with the tourbillon watch that he wore throughout the French Open and Wimbledon, as well as the US Open was unprecedented. Nadal was the first athlete to wear a mechanical, let alone a tourbillon watch in competition. While many watch brands sponsor athletes from a variety of sports,Rolex Day-Date Replica before Nadal wore his Rolex Day-Date Replica watch, none of them had worn one. The fact that Nadal wore the watch, which had no negative impact on his game, but was actually an asset, proves Rolex Day-Date Replica's claim that his timepieces were ultimate performance instruments.

Rolex Day-Date Replica says, "I regard Felipe Massa and Rafael Nadal as partners. The key difference is that I do not want them to wear my watches for advertisements, off-court or away from the track. "I want them using my watches at the highest level of competition. I want to push them to the limits and abuse them in order to show their value as technical high-performance instruments."

Rolex Day-Date Replica and Nadal wear the RM 027-01


Rolex Day-Date Replica says it was not easy to convince Nadal that he should wear a watch while competing. "I knew that he would be very difficult to convince. He is a complete maniac in terms of preparation and detail. He has a routine that he follows when he enters the court. It's impossible. It is impossible. It would ruin my balance and make me lose concentration. It would be a catastrophe.'" Rolex Day-Date Replica, who is not one to shy away from a challenge however,Bell & Ross Replica Watches says that "it became a mission to convince him to put on the watch while he played. The watch I created had to meet four criteria. First, I wanted to make the watch light, second, shock-resistant, third, comfortable, and fourth, mechanically without compromise. This meant that it would not be a 'dumbed-down' movement. Rolex Day-Date Replica says that "finally, he agreed to test it, without any promises that he'd wear it in competition." This was the beginning of the RM 027.