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Our philosophy is to continually update us on food quality, trying to improve for the goodand the health of our customers.
Fries to 5 stars with oil Goldstar
To use frying oil for frying Goldstar five stars. An oil naturally gluten-free non-GM certifiedKosher. Now the fried is healthier because Goldstar has a low absorption, 5 grams 30grams instead of 100 grams of cooked product, being made of 100% from vegetable that make it natural, healthy and without cholesterol.
Pizza Glutenfree
Good pizza for everyone from Silvano is not just a figure of speech but a real and concretereality thanks to our delicious gluten-free pizza.
We create a basis glutenfree and bake in air furnaces with the special aluminum container, using palette specific and separate from the others we avoid any type of contamination in order not to give up any pleasure for a good pizza in the company, even for those who have an intolerance to gluten.
Attention and care to all of our customers because our goal always is to make your evening enjoyable and of good food,Replica Audemars Piguet Watches at every opportunity.
The filtered water
We provide our customers drinking water filtered and certified. The microfiltration processwater is based on the use of natural active ingredients, such as activated carbon plant, able to collect and retain sediment, chlorine, and other substances. With the microfiltrationis therefore obtained the advantage of eliminating the harmful substances from the water,without altering the specific properties nor the values of mineral salts.

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